Baptiste Arnaud

Software developer, founder of Typebot.

👷 6 years in software development
🏃 Solo developer since 2 years
😎 I make cool projects

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From 1 to 767 paying users in 3 weeks with no marketing effort

After a Product Hunt launch that made it to the top 5, and 4 months of features development, Typebot still didn't have more than 30 active forms and only freemium users. But this has changed thanks to a lifetime deal campaign 🤯

Onboarding emails custom sequences with Mailgun

How I created custom onboarding email sequences with Mailgun and a little bit of code

My projects



Conversational form builder: collect 4x more results compared to Typeform


    Hybrid appMusic

Create a room, share the link with friends, and start listening to the same music. No music streaming account is required. It's 100% free.



Women models directory where they have control on their profile


    Web extensionScrapping

Extract data from any website without code, just clicks. Tinking is a web extension that allows you to create a scraping recipe by directly selecting a page's elements with your mouse.

Node Youtube Music


Unofficial YouTube Music API for Node.js

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