I struggle with “Why”

I often find myself having a hard time to convey my ideas and my intentions. When I’m asked why I’m doing a particular thing or what I’d like to do or what my goals are, I sometimes don’t know what to say.

I think this can be fixed with some proper journaling practice or at least with the habit of just jotting down my thoughts (as I’m doing here). It’s an opportunity to freeze my thoughts into a frame, have it exposed in a structured way and sharpen it as necessary.

I keep telling myself that I should journal to be a clearer thinker. Yet, I never take the time to journal. Every day, I have other priorities. Every day, time flies like crazy, it always look like: Customer support, a bit of software maintenance / improvements, 1h of sport and that’s it. By 6pm I’m mentally exhausted and take some time off with my family. At the end the of the day, I’m often not proud of what I’ve achieved. And I always tell myself that tomorrow will be more productive.

I’m not productive enough

There’s definitely an issue with my productivity expectation because I rarely procrastinate, I even think I’m good executant. Whenever I have the chance, I’m working!

Now, how can I set my expectations right? Probably by planning my days in advance.

I used to do that, at the end of the day, I would plan the next day but would often do it quickly and without giving much thought because of how tired I am. Because of this, when the day comes, it would give me an excuse to work on something else. I would say: “Yeah, I won’t work on that, I did not think clearly yesterday evening.”. To fix this I’ve decided to plan the full week ahead on each week-end.

TO-DO: Plan the entire week to come and assess the plan each morning.

Planning a week ahead of time is difficult when you’re not clear with your goals. I’ve been working on Typebot for the last 2 months without a clear vision, I just worked on it, on autopilot without the drive I had earlier in my journey. My goal this year was to reach $13K MRR, today Typebot reached $25K MRR. What now?

Setting up the right goal

I just took 30+ minutes to reflect on my top values, and trying to find measurable, objective and attainable goals. But then it hits me: why do I overthink this? I’m a software engineer, passionated about tech products and great user interfaces, I already reached profitability…

Now, I just want to build the best multi-platform chatbot builder in the market.

It is not measurable and very subjective, but who cares?! 😂

Here is what “best” means for me:

  • Gives the most freedom without having its user experience impacted (even though it’s always a trade-off).
  • Has a large set of features.
  • Provides good documentation and a lot of useful non-generic templates.
  • Has its source code 100% public and is easy to contribute to.

Today, Typebot lacks a lot of things. It is web-only, it provides generic templates that are good to learn the basics but not the best for giving inspiration, its code is not easy to contribute to etc…

Next step would be to implement a process that I need to follow to make sure I’m headed in the right direction. I’ll have to collect my thought on this and will talk about this in the next entry.