Planning my color-coded week

In my last journal entry I found that to remove my productivity shaming, I'd need to carefully plan my week ahead.

Alright, I just opened my calendar. Here is how my current week looks like:

Current week overview

It's a bit of a mess. 😁

As you can guess, I'm already trying to sort of track my time. It was not really planned. What I try to do is just to note on my calendar what I am working on at a given moment.

The issue with this current setup is that we can't see at a glance what were the categories of the task done. Medical appointments have the same color as customer support 😂

I'd like to improve this view by:

  • Color coding the tasks (for different categories)
  • Remove tasks that I don't necessarely want to track. For example: "Wake up + routing" or "Lunch" are useless.

Let's think about the different task categories I'd like to track:

Creative work 🟦

Tasks where I create and deeply working on something. For my business it would mean coding new product features or creating something I’ll publish on social media.

Maintenance 🟨

Tasks that need to be done to maintain the project. This would include customer support (replying to customer requests) and bug fixes mostly.

Health 🟩

Activities that are meant to maintain a good health. This would include workouts and things like meditation, intentional walks etc...

Alright I've just set up a "naive week":

Planned week overview

This will most likely not look like the week I'll have but let's start with this and I'll adjust this template with next iterations.