I need Pareto back

Everybody knows the Pareto principle. In the productivity field, It says that 20% of the work on a specific task will produce 80% of the outcome. The rest of the outcome is then produced by 80% of the work.

In my [I struggle with "Why"] journal entry, I realised that my only goal is that I want to build the best multi-platform chatbot builder in the market. Since Typebot is still not a multi-platform engine (only web for now), I decided to focus on the integration of a new platform the most requested: WhatsApp.

So, for the past 2 months I've focused my work on that feature.

But today, it just hit me, I went way above 20% of the work for that task and I just lost the momentum. Even though I launched the new WhatsApp integration as a private beta, I'm overthinking the official launch and continue to build the perfect feature.

This focus on product development also compromises many things I care about:

  • Learning to play piano
  • Writing on this public journal
  • Posting on social media about Typebot
  • Getting tasks done from my personal to do list

I want to recalibrate everything I do with that Pareto principle. Work smarter. Gain momentum.

Questions to ask myself:

  1. What's 20% of the work towards my goal?
  2. What's 20% of the work towards completion of this project?
  3. What's 20% of the work on this task?

What about the remaining 20% of the outcome?

2 possible scenarios:

  1. People don't care about it. Then I can just work on something else.
  2. People love it and really ask about the remaining 20%. Then I will create a system that makes me work regularly towards that outcome. But on the majority of my available time, I should still work on 20% of another task.