Trusting your past self is liberating

I'm proud of how I managed my time this week 🙌

Last week-end I planned my entire upcoming week and I managed to mostly follow the schedule. What's great about this is that even though you need to sometimes reschedule your tasks, it makes it clear what you are trading off.

I sometimes found myself wanting to work on something else because of the felt emergency but I managed to keep it cool and always told myself "Your smart self planned this all up for a reason. You need to execute. You'll be able to work on this other task outside of the schedule".

Knowing exactly what to work on at a given time is also liberating. You don't have to always think about what you should be doing. You just have to execute. That's powerful.

Last week I reworked the entire onboarding of Typebot. I made it simpler. I removed the entire email sequence (5 emails during 5 days after the sign up). I now just send a welcome email which is only text, it makes it more human. I will probably a second email a few days after the sign up to ask for what the user is building with Typebot and maybe list a few examples for inspiration.

I also worked a ton on the Whatsapp integration, it is going to be a game changer for Typebot. I'm really excited about it.

Next week, full focus on the Whatsapp integration. I want to release the beta by the end of the week.